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Mino Pottery Catalog vol.4

Mino Pottery Catalog vol.2

Mino Pottery Alliance

image cut Mino Pottery Alliance is established in April 2005 by Japanese table ware designers, makers and suppliers in Mino region(East area in Gifu, Japan), located around center of Japan. The organization advocates "The survival mission of table ware business", from the area where was called one of the most famous spot in the world to export ceramics and table wares to world markets, and where shared more than 60% of ceramic production in Japan. MPA shall conduct the fine business relationship between you and Mino, for your business success,
MPA will never give you a disappointment!

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image cut We are committed to providing you with the best services. Please feel free to contact us via the following.

Address 2172-1 Tokiguti Tokitsu-cho
Toki city Gifu Japan 509-5122
TEL +81-572-22-1045
FAX +81-572-24-3660