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Invitation to a New Business Opportunity


suyaki We, Mino Pottery Alliance, are pleased to announce that we are looking for dealers who are interested in distributing high quality Japanese style tableware in your country.

Mino Pottery Alliance was recently formed by a large number of pottery firms in the Mino region of Gifu Pref., that has been the center of the Japanese pottery industry for over hundreds of years. The alliance's prime objective is firstly to produce high quality Japanese style tableware, getting together each member's high skills and techniques accumulated through many years, and secondly to propose to consumers the pleasure of a unique experience of Japanese style dining with a variety of attractive Japanese style tableware.

Over the past few decades, Japanese cuisine has earned the international admiration because of its fresh seasonal ingredients, beautiful dish presentations, health conscious recipes and friendly Japanese hospitality found at Japanese restaurants all over the world. And today Japanese Cooking is becoming a big interest for house cooking too. Also many Japanese cook-books are found on the selves of bookstores, with a variety of recipes from traditional to casual cooking as well as many beautiful photographs.

We believe that now is the time to introduce high quality Japanese style tableware to those who have a strong interest in Japanese cooking and food. To develop this opportunity in your country we need to find aggressive business partners. It would be much better if they had an understanding of Japanese food culture, too.

image cut We ask some of your time and read the following pages and, if interested in this opportunity, pleasecontact us both to order samples or for comments or feed back. We will add more items so to have a much wider variety to choose from.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you soon.