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Assorted Tempura

This is one of the most poupular Japanese dishes.
You can enjoy most of vegetables and fishes.
Assorted Tempura

How to cook

Shrimps, Squid, Eggplant, Sweet potato, Grated giant, White radish
> Dipping sauce
Water, Soy sauce, Mirin(sweet cooking sake),
> For preparing batter
egg yolk + water, Hakurikiko(flour), Oil

1 . Cut fish, squid, vegitables, and the like as ingredients
If shrimps are frozen, thaw them in saltwater so that they become elastic.
Shell shrimps and leave their tail. Take the tail sword out and drain the tail of some of its juice. Make three incisions on the stomach side of each shrimp so that it stays straight.
<Chinese mushroom>
Cut into probable size.
<Sweet potato>
Cut into round and 5mm in thickness. and soak in the water to remove harshness.
Cut into half lengthwise and attach the toothpick and cut into round 7〜8mm thickness.

2 . First mix flour with eggs and water to make batter.
Dip the ingredients into the batter.
Check oil temperature conveniently for fring.
ex :
150c for vegetables.
180c for fish, shrimp, etc.
Fry them in oil.

3 . Serve them with Tentsuyu(a soy sauce base soup).
Cook a soy sauce base soup with sake, sweet sake, skipjack, etc.
Add flavors into Tentsuyu as you like.-
1. Japanese radish, 2. Chinese lemon, 3. lemon,
4. Vineger, 5. Radish and red pepper, 6. Salt.

Various Assorted Tempura