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Temaki-zushi (Hand-rolled Sushi)

Roll your own sushi with your favorite ingredients.
An ideal dish for a party or gathering.
It is easy to prepare and fun to eat.
Temaki-zushi (Hand-rolled Sushi)

How to cook

Sushi rice, Tuna sashimi, Shrimp sashimi, Salmon sahimi,
Rolled omelet, Cucumber
Nori seaweed sheets, Japanese horseradish(Wasabi) paste,
Soy sauce

1 . Prepare sushi rice.
Shower sushi-vinegar to rice. Mix the vineger and by rice scoop. cut them in, also, with much care. Cool sushi rice with fan, etc. Wrap the rice with napkin until eating in order to keep its moisture.

2 . Prepare ingredients for sushi, mainly raw fish(cut sashimi), sushi rice and soy sauce.
Another ingredient
Not only cut sashimi, but sausage, cheese, tenpura, roasted egg, vegetables as cucumber, celery are available.

3 . Take seaweed sheet on your hand, and put sushi rice on the sheet.
Further put your favorite ingredients(sushi-neta) on the rice.
Roll them together and take it into your mouth.

Various Temaki-zushi (Hand-rolled Sushi)