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Niku-jaga (Braised Meat and Vegetables)

This is a typical Japanese home-cooking.
Every Japanese home has a favorite Niku-jaga recipe
Niku-jaga (Braised Meat and Vegetables)

How to cook

Beef plate thinly sliced, Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, Ginger

Simmering sauce
Soy sauce, Sugar, Sake, Dashi broth

1 . Peel and cut potatos and vegertables in probable size

2 . Put a little amount of oil into a pan and fry beef, onion, carrot, alimentary yam paste in good order.

3 . Add soup into the pan and boil foods with removing harshness, until the potatos would be soft touch.

4 . Add soy sauce, sugar, sake, sweet sake, etc and arrange the taste in your favor, also, cover with lid and boil them in slow.

5 . Finally, dish them into your favorite vessel.

Various Niku-jaga (Braised Meat and Vegetables)