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Kenchin-jiru (Vegetable chowder)

This chowder contains Tofu, a variety of vegtables and chicken in a miso broth.
A healthy soup
Kenchin-jiru (Vegetable chowder)

How to cook

Boned, skinless chicken, Carrot, Onion, Potatoes, Firm tofe,
Dashi broth, Sake, Miso, Soy sauce, Scallions, chopped

1 . Prepare cut ingredients in probable size.

2 . Put a little amount of oil into a pan and fry Meats, Tohfu(bean card), Alimentary yam paste and vegetable, etc., in good order.

3 . Add soup into the pan and boil foods until the vegetables would be soft touch.

4 . Finally, dish them into a favorite vessel

Various Kenchin-jiru (Vegetable chowder)